Figuring Out Finance: Top 5 Finance Podcasts for Busy Mums

Image is of a coffee mug and black headphones, on a white desk. In the background, a brown curtain and white sheer underlay is visible. The base of a black desk lamp and corner of a laptop is also partially visible.
Photo Credit: Claudio Hegedus via Unsplash

So not too long ago, I realized that I'm not financially literate.

Ok, I lie, I've always known it, but this year I was forced to admit it! The truth is, I've always found finance incredibly overwhelming. Savings, investments, fixed term deposits, portfolios, retirement planning...there are too many things to think about!

But I also realized that this ignorance is not getting me any closer to building the life I want now and in the future. So I had to do something about it.

2019 International Babywearing Week - Continuing The Tradition

Happy 2019 International Babywearing Week!

The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Continuing The Tradition”, which I think is so timely given all the discussions and much-needed disruption in the babywearing community in recent years.

Reveal: Aquagalactic by Aeva Handmade!

As I mentioned before, I submitted a hand woven wrap into the Australia and New Zealand Weaving Competition. The entries are submitted anonymously, so I can now finally reveal my piece!

NOTE: It is currently for sale via auction HERE till Saturday, 21st September, at 5pm AEST / 3pm MYT!

AQUAGALACTIC by Aeva Handmade

- The Details -
Length: 3.44 meters
Warp Fibre: 50% pineapple bast, 50% cotton - hand-dyed by weaver
Weft Fibre: Silk noil - hand-dyed by weaver
Supplementary Warp Fibres: Recycled, hand-spun sari silk yarn (commercially sourced)
Fringe: 12cm twisted fringe on both ends
Weave: Pointed twill variation

The Australian and New Zealand Weaving Competition 2019 - Guess who's joining it??

It me!

Voting is coming up really soon! Go and join the High End Baby Wearing FSOT Australia and New Zealand group on Facebook so you can be there when voting commences on September 18 (that's this coming Wednesday!).

I'll also be hosting a guessing game on my group, ForAeva After. There will be prizes, so make sure you join the group so you don't miss out!

Babywearing Review: Blossoming by Aeva Handmade

A close-up shot of a biracial Asian and white toddler with dark hair and dark eyes being worn on someone’s back in a mostly pink wrap. The child is looking slightly off-camera, and only his nose and eyes are visible, as he has the bottom half of his face tucked into the top rail of the wrap. The shoulder pleats of the wrap job can be seen in the top right corner of the photograph

OMG. I can't even believe the day has come - I'm actually reviewing a wrap I made!


Size: 3.2m length (a size 3)
Fiber blend: Merino wool warp, hand dyed with natural dyes. Cotton-hemp weft, hand dyed with commercial dyes in pinks, purple, and turquoise.
Carries tried: Ruck TAS

***You can enter the draw to purchase this stunning wrap by clicking HERE!***

My Top 3 Favourites from July's Bella Box!

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Image Description: A flatlay photograph taken from the top down. It is a shot of beauty and makeup products. On top is a small tube of highlighter in mostly black packaging. Below that is an eye serum in a white tube with bright pink cap. Below that is a small sachet of hand lotion. Next to all this is a card that says "Beauty Snap" on it and features text at the bottom with a website address for BellaBox.

I've always been interested in monthly subscription boxes for skin and beauty, and since moving to a more rural area, it's become that much more important to me as I don't have access to stores like I used to. Plus, most stores don't give out samples anyway, so I've been stuck buying crappy full-sized products before that I either had to throw away or keep in the back of my bathroom cabinets so I don't have to deal with them hahaha.

When Bella Box got in touch with me with an offer to try one of their boxes, I replied with an immediate yes! I had seen their previous boxes, which featured samples and even full-sized products including makeup, skin care, dental care, and even hair accessories. I knew I'd be getting excellent things, and the July Bella Box did not disappoint!