About Me

Hello there! My name is Adriana Thani. I am a proud mama to three beautiful boys (Aqil is 9, Afraz is 7, and baby Adam was just born on July 1st!) and and besotted wife to my husband, Daniel. I just moved to Australia from Malaysia to be with my husband, so I spend most of my time settling in and discovering my newly adopted home city.

I got the nickname Glam Mama because I've always found joy in glamming up, even (well, especially) when I'm overwhelmed by all the mum-ing I have to do!

I'm also passionate babywearer, and have been since my eldest was born in 2007. I LOVE trying all the carriers out there, and I write babywearing reviews so I can help you discover what's out there in the babywearing world.

I have also written a babywearing book! "Babywearing Made Simple" is a super simple, easy-to-understand, best-selling guide to babywearing! You can purchase it online HERE or at a book store near you (if you live in Malaysia or Singapore). 

If you are interested in collaborating with me, or just want to say hello, I can be reached at AdrianaGlamMama@gmail.com. You can also use the social media buttons up in the top right corner of this page to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Google+

You could also just come up to me in real life, but not in a dark carpark or alley, or anywhere else that might get you pepper-sprayed ;)

PLEASE NOTE: I have never, and will never, knowingly collaborate with formula companies. This includes any events, products, and/or campaigns sponsored by formula companies. I am, first and foremost, a breastfeeding advocate. I have turned down actual paying jobs in order to never play a part in the formula marketing machine, so I have no qualms about missing out on blogging-related opportunities that require me to sell out to formula companies. Thank you for your understanding!