Babywearing Review: Chardan Slings Flyaway

Wrap: Chardan Slings Flyaway
Size: Base -2 (size 4)
Carries tried: Ruck CCCB, DH CCCB and other varations, Ruck with a ring finish for this shoot!

I'd been eyeing Chardan Slings' Flyaway for a while before I tried it, because I obviously love me a good monochrome wrap! This Australian company also managed to imbue this wrap with a common sight during spring months here in Melbourne: dandelions.

5 Unexpected Items That You Need For Stress-free Babywearing!

I generally don't stress about my own wraps and carriers. Most of my collection are easy-care fibers that I don't mind getting a little dirty, and a few of them are destined to stay in my home in one form or another, so minor pulls and imperfections from wear just isn't a major concern.

But I do have one or two wraps that have cost me more than I care to admit, and I do want to take good care of them in case I ever choose to sell them. Plus, I host several other people's and brand's wraps and carriers at any given time, and I need to be very very careful with those!

Apart from caring for wraps and carriers, I've also come to realize that I need to take care of myself while babywearing. There are some items that just make it more practical, ergonomic, and stress-free to wear my babies.

So here are some unexpected items that I utilize to ensure that I don't need to stress out when wearing my wraps and carriers. It's lovely to be able to fully enjoy these beautiful textiles and savour the closeness with my children without any worry!

An update!

Well, it's been a hot minute since I've updated the blog, hey?? I apologize for that. There were multiple reasons for it, but the main things were that I was feeling thoroughly uninspired, and quite frankly, life with my three boys is a constant state of busyness and chaos! So when I do have some free time, I indulge in things other than producing content for this blog of mine. But it just so happens that my older boys are currently on holiday, and are keeping the toddler I figured it's time for a quick update!