My To-Be List for 2017

I've been seeing this concept of "to-be lists" all over my Facebook feed as the New Year approaches. People are thinking more about what they want "to be" than what they want "to do" next year. It got me thinking about how, as a naturally goal-oriented person, I put too little stock into my well-being when I plan things. It's always about the achievement above all else - even my health sometimes! So with that in mind, I've decided to share my own "to be" list for next year.

Fluffy White Cardigan

The weather has started to warm up here in Melbourne. It's officially summer...except some days it does not feel like it at all. The day before I donned this fluffy white cardigan from H&M (which I legit got on sale for $5), I was actually in shorts!

Monochrome Chunky Knit Cowl

I shared a photo of myself knitting this on Instagram, and it turned out so well that I couldn't help but share some photos of the finished project here!

What's "home", anyway?

Today marks one year since Aqil, Afraz, and I (and technically Adam, as a fetus) have moved to Melbourne. It's a strange anniversary to celebrate. I mean, it's only Year 1 of the rest of our lives, really. It's almost like we shouldn't need to celebrate, you know what I mean? We're here permanently. There's no countdown to us leaving. This is it.

Adam's Tongue And Lip Tie: Part 2

So I ended Part 1 of this series with us deciding to schedule Adam's frenectomy ASAP. The good news was – we got an appointment with an amazing oral surgeon not too far from us. The bad news? The earliest appointment we could get was in 5 days.

Babywearing Review: Vanamo Kide Ilta

Size: 6
Fiber Content: 40% organic cotton, 30% linen, 30% merino wool
Weight: 280 gsm
Carries tried: DH with multiple finishes, FWCC, Ruck CCCB, Robin's hip carry, HJBC
Wearee: 7kg, 5 months old

Adam’s Tongue and Lip Tie: Part 1

When I shared Adam’s birth story, I mentioned briefly that Adam had been diagnosed with lip and tongue tie. Today, as he turns five months old, I’ve decided to share his (and our) experience with that in a three-part series. This first part will deal with the initial diagnosis of his lip and tongue tie.

I vividly remember the first time I nursed Adam. We had just had an intense and beautiful birth experience, and I was so excited to get breastfeeding going because it’s one of my most favorite things about my children’s early lives. So I had set up this expectation that because we had an all-natural, drug-free birth in the comfort of our own home, we would definitely have a smooth-sailing, drama-free breastfeeding experience.

I was wrong.