Introducing Adam Axl Caldwell!

This is about 3+ weeks too late, but I've had my baby! Introducing Adam Axl Caldwell, born 1st July 2016 at 1.52pm, in water at home (!!!). He is my biggest baby at 3.69kg - a whole kilogram heavier than his older brothers at birth!

I'll be sure to post his birth story really soon. It's a good one ;)

Life has been chaotic since 1st July, hence the lack of birth announcement on here, but we're slowly getting into the groove of things now. I still can't believe I'm a mom of three boys. I mean, I knew from the start that I was having a boy this time (we didn't find out officially because we wanted it to be a surprise at birth, but I genuinely "sensed" it was a baby boy from the start), but to have all three with me's pretty awesome. I'm still the only rose among the thorns, hehe!


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