Happy 6th Anniversary to this blog!

Thanks to Facebook's handy Memories function, I was alerted to the fact that today is the SIXTH anniversary of The Diaries Of A Glam Mama!

You can find my very first post here. It's a little lame, lol. But I think I did stick to some of my plans!

I've been blogging since I was a wee little teenager. My old blog is still somewhere out there, talking about what I did every day (mostly hanging out with friends) and also a little bit about Aqil, towards the end of that blog's life.

I decided on a change of style (and blog hosting) after I came back to Malaysia from the US. Plus, the old blog just didn't have the vibe of the grown-up I had become (or was trying to become, lol).

One thing I neglected to mention in my intro 6 years ago is the reason behind the name "The Diaries Of A Glam Mama". I promise, I didn't name myself Glam Mama! It was a nickname friends gave me after I had kids because I would go full on with makeup and outfits even when I had my baby strapped to me. I'm still that way, to be honest. I have my lazy days, of course, but I thoroughly enjoy getting glammed up, and I don't see why having kids should stop me.

That being said, there are other way more glamorous moms out there who probably deserve the title more than I do! But hey, I got it first ;)

I'm very proud of how much this blog has evolved through the years. It has become a great platform for me on both a personal and professional level. I have been afforded a lot of opportunities due to this blog, so I am very glad I set it up all those years ago!

Recently, I've been trying to convince several of my friends to start blogging. It's such a great outlet, especially when you have something to share. The best part is there is a place for everyone in the blogging world! I have made friends with some of the smartest and sassiest people in the blogging community, and I can honestly say that most of them would be happy to have more bloggers in the mix.

So if you've been thinking about setting up a blog, DO IT! You have nothing to lose. Then, in 6 years, you could be writing a post like this, and you can credit me with inspiring you to do it! Hahaha!


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