My Secret Method To Not Let Life Drag Me Down

I get asked this a lot:

"It's really cool that you've been so strong throughout all the challenges life throws at you. How do you stay so positive?"

My usual answer usually goes like:

"I'm really lucky I've got a great support system around me."

"My kids really keep me strong."

"I just really try to count my blessings every day!"

And while these are all true, I have to admit that I've been hiding the real reason I stay positive and strong when times get hard:

I'm really lazy.

Like really, really lazy. It's true. And it's the reason I just don't let life drag me down. I'm genuinely just...too lazy!

Here is what laziness prevents you from doing:
  • Holding a grudge
  • Being perpetually negative
  • Gossiping about people
  • Creating drama

Think about it: How much energy do the above activities use up? The answer is: A LOT. It takes a lot of energy to hold a grudge. It is exhausting to be perpetually negative. And gossiping? Well you'll have to work really hard to make up rumors or catch up on the latest's a full time job! As for creating drama - damn, you've got to have a lot of dedication and free time for that, I'm sure.

See, for a lazy person like me, it just isn't worth it. I'd rather be doing something that suits my lazy nature, such as:
  • Chillaxing and not letting life drag me down.


(P.S: The title of this post was inspired by this awesome song)