A bit of good news to share...

We got our visas!

Aqil, Afraz, and I, will be moving to Melbourne, Australia very soon!

I am still trying to let it sink in. I can't believe it's finally happening! It feels so surreal. As of right now, the plan is for us to fly there in mid-December. So I have two more months to pack up my whole life and get my butt (and those of my progeny) there.

It's a bittersweet occasion, though. I find myself often dwelling on the people and things I'll miss. Family, friends, the staff at my neighborhood mamak. Y'know, the important people in my life.

But I know this will be a grand adventure with the love of my life and the two loves of our lives. It'll be crazy, it'll be fun, it'll be us. Together. Finally!