7 Gift Ideas For The Moms In Your Life (That You Can't Buy At The Mall)

Have you ever been stumped when trying to figure out what gift to get for your friend who is a mom? Whether it's a special occasion, or just some way for you to show your appreciation, we've all been there. The gift should show her you care, and it has to be more than just "store-bought". So here are some ideas on what you can get for the moms in your life that you can't just buy at the mall!
  1. Treat her to a day at the spa
    This is such a great gift! Moms usually don't take the time to really treat ourselves (even when it is sorely needed), so treat her to a spa treatment. If she's a new mom who doesn't want to leave her baby, get a masseuse to come to the house, or get the folks at Nails On Wheels to come around and do her nails.

  2. Free babysittingOffer to babysit her baby, in her home, no-strings-attached. If she is anxious to leave her children (normal for new moms especially), offer to babysit while she does whatever she wants at home in a different room or floor of the house. I had a friend who used to come to my house and make me go take a long shower while she watched my babies. Yes, she is the best.

  3. A day out for the kids (which leads alone time or social time for mom)
    If her kids are old enough to be separated from her for an hour or two (probably around 5 years above), treat her kids to an hour or two at Get Crafty, PlayGo, or BlokSpace. The kids can have fun there while being watched by staff, while she can have some time alone or even time to chat with you! This is a great idea for all those childless friends who whine that they never get to have kids-free time with their mom friends. Oh, quick tip: Make sure the kids go to the toilet before dropping them off at the activity centers. Just...uh, just trust me on this. Seriously.

  4. Home-cooked meals for an entire week, sent directly to her
    Whether she stays at home or works outside the home, she will need to feed her family somehow. Give her the gift of free time by doing this for her. You can cook extra batches of your own cooking and send them every day, or use the many food delivery services available in your area (this list of healthy food delivery options by Hype is an excellent start). For her kids, you can order healthy, home-made food from Baby Eats By Justlixa.

  5. A night out 
    Convince her partner or family members to watch her kids for a couple of hours, and take her out for a night out! If all she can have is a couple of hours, why not go for karaoke somewhere with food, like Red Box Karaoke. Fun and food, all in one!

  6. A night in (AKA grown-up sleepovers!)
    Is she a new mom who is anxious about leaving her kids? Does she not have anyone to watch her kids at all? Arrange a sleepover at her place! There was a time in my life that I literally did not have anyone to watch my kids, so my amazing friends would come over for sleepovers so I didn't have to leave my kids to spend time with them (I am blessed, I know). Sometimes it was movie nights, sometimes it was just girly chats, sometimes it was a crazy night of cooking and laughing and falling asleep on mattresses in the living room - each time, it was so special and fun...and exactly what I needed.

  7. Ask her what she's been wanting to do but hasn't had the time to do...and do it for her
    Scrapbooking? Organizing her wardrobe? Collecting items in her home to give away to charity? If she has been wanting to do something for a while, but just cannot find the time to do it, step up to the plate and do it for her! This is a kindness one cannot buy, and is definitely something any mom (or person, actually) would appreciate.