My Wedding Attire

For my wedding solemnization, I knew I wanted to wear something glamorous yet sweet. I'm not the kind of girl who is into ruffles and lace, so I knew I had to avoid those. But I couldn't very well wear leather and denim either! So I didn't really know the exact look that I would be happy with.

As it happens, my wedding attire came about with a lot of luck and sudden moments of inspiration, namely:

All of these things contributed to what would be one of my most favorite outfits of all time ;D

I cannot express how much I love my wedding attire! It's a mix of bespoke items (my top with attached cape, as well as my sequin turban, were both made my the folks at Azamoff Boutique), and off-the-rack items (that gorgeous sequin skirt!). You can't see my shoes in the photo, but they were gold Aldo shoes I bought on sale. If it hadn't been on sale, I probably would've just worn any old shoe, to be honest!

Now I've said before that I was working on a tight budget when it came to this wedding, but I have to admit that I did end up spending a lot on my wedding attire. Oops? Hehehe.

The good news is that because I opted for separates, I can use different components of the outfit in the future. I've already worn the sequin skirt to an event recently! I'm planning on chopping up my cape-top to make it more wearable. Maybe have the cape fall just across my lower back? What do y'all think? The point is, not one single piece in this ensemble will be kept away to collect dust - I will definitely use them all again and again and again (at least, that is what I said to my husband to justify the cost).

Ok, enough with the babbling - onto the photos!