Our pre-wedding photos! (And...less than a week till my wedding OMG!)

That's right - my wedding is happening in SIX DAYS.


I'm super excited, and also super stressed, but mostly just super excited. I'm also excited to share these amazing photos taken by the team at AnakWayang/MyCuteMoment  for our pre-wedding photo shoot back in December!

The location is as stunning as it looks in pictures, and is only a 2-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. These pictures were all taken at Pantai Klebang in Malacca - yes, just the one location, with incredibly varied terrain. I knew from my research that this area had dunes, but I had no idea that there were also huge fallen trees and rugged patches of 5-ft tall weeds (not that kind ok).

Fair warning to others wanting to take pictures here, though: the dunes are NOT accessible by car, so you'll have to drive to about 2km from the dunes (where they've created a sandbar that will block your car from going any further). Then, you have to walk all the way to the dunes. Yes, we walked 2km in the heat, carrying equipment, food, and drinks...in our fabulous outfits, of course. But it was totally worth it - just take a look!

My gangsta walk.


We didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose us.

Classic dance moves.

This is what I look like when I LOL. That is what Dan looks like when I tell a joke. 
This is what I look like when I tell Dan to just pretend to laugh at my jokes OR ELSE.
This is what Dan looks like when he obliges.
These are two people very much in love and so looking forward to getting hitched in a few days, yay!