Malaysian Babywearer's IBW Carnival 2014

I apologize for being MIA! I've had a busy few weeks lately because Dan was in town to settle some wedding-related stuff, and I've also been struck down with an epic throat infection that subsequently turned into sinusitis...great stuff. Anyway, I'm now well enough to blog again, and I'm excited to finally share some photos from the Malaysian Babywearer's International Babywearing Week Carnival 2014!

My ever-helpful fiance, hahaha.

I'd also like to thank the hard-working admins at Malaysian Babywearer's for not only inviting me to give a short talk, but also for giving me a wonderful birthday cake. I was so surprised, I cried! I also managed to get a good bit of frosting all over my sweater. LOL.

It was an awesome event at a really cool location (it was literally really cool - I was wearing a sweater but did not break a sweat!). Lots of cool vendors, a lot of whom I had never heard about before I saw them at the event! The admins of MBW really outdid themselves. I've organized similar events and I know for a fact that there is a LOT of hard work that goes into organizing these things, so kudos to them for making the effort and congratulations on such a great outcome!

Ok enough talk - onto the photos!