Ving Ming shoes at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014!

Like most fashion-conscious people in the country, I spent all of last week enthralled by the many talents at KL Fashion Week. There were so many local and regional designers showcasing their ready-to-wear collections, and many local fashionistas showcasing their personal style when in attendance. I know I spent all week obsessively checking out the #klfw and #klfw14 hashtags on Instagram!

Photo credit: Toby Toh
Which is why I was so happy to be invited by renowned shoe designers Ving Ming to watch their show, which was a collaboration with Hayden Koh. The collection, named the Aphotic collection, featured gorgeous (albeit vertiginous!) shoes inspired by all things aquatic.

I turned up at Pavilion way early thanks to Waze, which of course meant that I had time for some selfies and miscellaneous other shots while I waited for the show to start (^。^)

Meanwhile, I'm sure my former student Aidanur (AKA one half of the Ving Ming team) was probably going crazy prepping for the show! And it showed - the shoes were stunning! Of course, Hayden Koh didn't disappoint - there is one specific black dress that I'm still day dreaming about. But the shoooooes OMG \(^o^)/ So good!

And then after the show, I was so delighted to have an impromptu lunch with Aidanur and her team, as well as another beloved former student of mine, Putra! I can't even express how much pride I have when I see that my students have turned out to be such awesome people doing awesome things. Few things are as gratifying as this, I swear.

And of course, I made Putra take my #ootd shot! Thanks for the shot and the edit, hun!
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Anyway, to find out more about Ving Ming shoes, you can visit their website here, their Facebook page here, their Instagram page here, and (probably the best thing!) visit their actual studio here:
C-17-2 Block Soho 1
Empire Damansara 
Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana 
47820 Petaling Jaya 

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these bad babies! So gorgeous I want them all plissss...

Photo credit: Toby Toh
Photo credit: Toby Toh
P.S: To be clear, I mean I want all the shoes, not the girls. Although they are gorgeous too, of course.