My breastfeeding photo has been featured on Buzzfeed!

It's not every day that this happens!

I'm guessing they got the image off of the #breastfeeding hashtag on Instagram because I just uploaded that pic for a giveaway recently (if you haven't added me on Instagram, do it now - please and thank you ;p). Thanks Karmelia for pointing this out to me, and thanks Lara Parker for featuring me! And thank you to Ena who took that gorgeous photo of me back in 2010 :*

I couldn't post a comment on there for whatever reason, so I'll paste it here instead:
I'm #15 on the list and am super psyched to be on it! That picture was taken back in 2010 when I was going through a very difficult time in my life, and breastfeeding my youngest was the one of the only things that got me through (no one really talks about the happy hormones and how it helps when you're feeling down, but it's a thing). It was posed, yes, but it is a situation I was in for like 80% of the day whether or not someone was taking a photo...and whether or not I was in full makeup and fishnet gloves, hahaha. I miss breastfeeding so much, and this shot was one of the few proper ones I ever took of that time. 

You can check out the post HERE to see other gorgeous photos of breastfeeding mamas :D Each and every one a glam mama for sure.