It's a wonder how my hair hasn't completely fallen off my head...

I’m going to make a little bit of a confession – I rarely wash my hair. I know, I know. Gross, right? You’re picturing my as Tom Hanks in Castaway, right? (Let’s be honest, if I let myself go, I could actually end up looking like that. Beard and all.)

The truth is, while I dislike washing my hair, I still need to do right by the Glam Mama nickname. Greasy hair doth not a Glam Mama make! So I’m letting you in on a little secret – dry shampoo!

I much prefer using dry shampoo than take the time to wash my hair (and either having to blow-dry it or wait 2 hours for it to air-dry). I use this super-cheap variety from a nearby pharmacy.

The saleslady told me it’s popular with Chinese moms in confinement, apparently because they’re not allowed to wash their hair or even touch water. (Side note: I think that’s mostly a stereotype – I have Chinese friends who have strict confinement, and Chinese friends who take a shower like 5 minutes after delivery.)

I’ve been thinking of upgrading my dry shampoo. Comfy Care is a very basic powder-type thing. I have to fluff my hair a lot to really get it evenly spread and not end up with white marks all over my hair. These days there are very glam-looking hairspray-type dry shampoos. I saw the Batiste Dry Shampoo collection at Boots when I was at Heathrow Airport last month:

But I didn’t get any because I worried that I wouldn’t be allowed on the plane. Obviously it was a brain fart, because I’d already gone past the last security check at that point. Durhhh. Major regret there.

Fortunately, yesterday I noticed an ad  for dry shampoo on my very own blog! As it turns out, HiShop sells this at a very reasonable price - RM35.90 (click on pic for details!):

We all know how cray-cray Raya season can get. Lest I end up going to unsuspecting relatives' houses with wet hair or, worse, a ponytail (my typical, boring, uninspired option), I think I better keep up a nice blowout from the salon and eke out a few extra days with it by dry-shampooing. I look forward to trying this dry shampoo out! Here’s to hoping that a couple more decades pass before I look like the very handsome Tom Hanks.