Yogood - So good!

I'm not the type to have a cold breakfast. I know its unhealthy to start the day with something fried or grilled, but I usually need warm food in the morning. But Yogood's Crunchy Muesli cereal has completely converted me! 

I clearly don't know how to take product pics

I've tried a couple of flavors, but this one remains a firm favorite - Fruit & Nut crunchy muesli. It has raisins, bananas, coconuts, apples and hazelnuts. It's high in fiber, and cholesterol free too (not "free cholesterol" like my usual french toast or grilled cheese sandwich, hahaha).

Check out the generous piece of coconut right in the middle

The best thing is, it tastes like dessert! It isn't "bland" the way you'd imagine muesli would taste. If anything, it's like a tasty treat the first thing in morning - guilt-free. And at only 172 calories per serving, its great for us who are watching our weight...or in my case, otherwise helplessly watching my weight increase every day :(

Yay! Not gonna get fat eating this every morning!

So, what are your favorite meals to start the day with? Any healthy munchies I should know about?