Yogood - So good!

I'm not the type to have a cold breakfast. I know its unhealthy to start the day with something fried or grilled, but I usually need warm food in the morning. But Yogood's Crunchy Muesli cereal has completely converted me! 

I clearly don't know how to take product pics

I've tried a couple of flavors, but this one remains a firm favorite - Fruit & Nut crunchy muesli. It has raisins, bananas, coconuts, apples and hazelnuts. It's high in fiber, and cholesterol free too (not "free cholesterol" like my usual french toast or grilled cheese sandwich, hahaha).

Check out the generous piece of coconut right in the middle

The best thing is, it tastes like dessert! It isn't "bland" the way you'd imagine muesli would taste. If anything, it's like a tasty treat the first thing in morning - guilt-free. And at only 172 calories per serving, its great for us who are watching our weight...or in my case, otherwise helplessly watching my weight increase every day :(

Yay! Not gonna get fat eating this every morning!

So, what are your favorite meals to start the day with? Any healthy munchies I should know about? 

Remember that time I met Bill Rancic?

Last week, I had the privilege of not only meeting Bill Rancic, but also hearing his thoughts (and those of Dr Michio Kaku and Mr Mark Gallagher) on the importance of innovation in business. If you’re thinking that’s a little bit beyond my scope of interest, you are right. Hahaha. But I do not regret attending the Business Of Innovation event one bit!

Hosted by The London Speaker Bureau, in partnership with Iskandar Malaysia, the gala the night before the event was a great opportunity to rub shoulders with the speakers, and also a certain fellow attendee who I happened to be very excited to meet – Alex Phang from Season 2 of The Apartment! As starstruck as I was, I think I was pretty calm and collected that night (aside from the incessant giggling and constant flipping through the pictures of me with the fellas).

Alex from The Apartment

Bill Rancic 
Mark Gallagher

The main event on April 9 itself was also a revelation – I was excited to hear what the speakers were going to share, but was apprehensive about whether or not I’ll get useful information for the field I’m in (and the fields I’d like to venture into). I was pleasantly surprised when Mr Gallagher not only kept me riveted through 6 hours of speaking about F1 (split into two parts, naturally), but also got me interested in the inner workings of the industry. I kid you not, I know more about the beauty of pit stops than I ever did before! He is a bigwig in the F1 industry, but is humble enough to reply Tweets, if that tells you what kind of guy he is.

After the delicious lunch at Shook, Bill Rancic came on stage and shared plenty of insight behind the secrets of his success. Among others was the need to identify and ignore negative people if you ever want to be successful – definitely something I need to work on! He also mentioned the importance of good decision-making. “Analysis Paralysis” was the exact words he used when urging us to make the leap in our business. Yet another thing I need to work on. And something I did on that day itself: my friend Zarina suggested to give carriers to Mr Rancic to use with “The Duke” (his nickname for his son, Edward Duke), to introduce the babywearing industry in Malaysia and as a little (well, not-so-little) souvenir. I meant to give him a letter as well, but circumstances were against that happening. Either way, he’s now got his hands on some proudly Malaysian-made carriers from Jumpsac and SNUGGbaby!

The last speaker of the day, the rockstar of science, Dr Michio Kaku, completely blew my mind with his predictions on what the future may bring. From contact lenses that  display subtitles for you to view when conversing with someone speaking a foreign language, to digital wallpaper that you can have in your home as a one-stop computer interface, his vision of the future was at times fascinating as it was creepy (we all know the privacy issues that already stem from existing computer technology, yes?).

I think its safe to say that it was not a wasted day. Aside from making new friends, I bumped into some old friends as well. It made the crazy traffic to JW Marriott worth it, haha! My heartfelt appreciation goes out to Suzy and Zarina for inviting me. Glam Mama will owe its world domination in part to you ladies ;)

"I express, like the best, from these holes in my chest"

I pop a nappy in his butt without a changing mat / CBeebies now my crew and I'm down with Postman Pat.

Sleep-deprived and under house arrest / Think I'd sell both my kidneys just to get some rest.

How many of us can relate to that?? This ad by Fiat is hilarious! I think the rapping mama pops some majorly relatable lines, haha. The accompanying footage is pretty funny too (real moms live in perpetual mess – don’t even try to deny it). 

So what do you think? Is this your reality? I sure as heck know that its 90% mine! LOL.

This post talks about breastfeeding, breast cancer and (hunky) babes. You’re welcome.

We all know the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, but let's talk a little bit about what's in it for us mamas. Aside from the blessing of being able to look amazing without pushup bras (I swear I considered continuing to breastfeed just for this perk -- pun totally intended, btw), breastfeeding can also reduce your risk of breast and endometrial cancer.

That is pretty darn awesome to me. I mean, we do what we can to avoid carcinogens these days, right? A generation ago, most people did not know what that word even meant. (Before we go on, for those who still don't know, carcinogens are "substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue"). We eat organic foods, avoid pesticides in our gardens, and only use BPA-free plastics. Clearly, avoiding cancer is a top priority in the modern world. So it really is just incredibly convenient that we are able to decrease our risks of female-related cancers whilst doing something that’s equally beneficial to our babies. Makes perfect sense!

Image credit: Mary B

And just to make it easier (and a little pleasant) for us to decrease our risk of getting breast cancer, the good folks at Rethink Breast Cancer has produced a FREE app called Your Man Reminder that sends you reminders to do your monthly breast self-checks...in the form of hot, hunky, and helpful hunks. I've downloaded it, and probably should too ;D

Here's the promo that made me get the app (mamas, you'll thank me for this, I'm sure ;p). Early detection is key when it comes to kicking breast cancer's ass, so be sure you're doing your monthly checks!

For iPhone: http://goo.gl/fv6c9
For Android: http://goo.gl/K9phF

So, glam mama, what are you doing to prevent breast cancer? Leave a comment and share some nips...err, tips! (LOL...I crack myself up. I promise, that's the last one!).