Don't worry!

Today's Daily Groove really struck me. They put the issue of over-worrying in such a brilliant way (

"Worries focus all your attention on what you *don't* want and put you in a state of *fear*. This sends a message to your child that you *expect* bad things to happen. And since children naturally tend to meet their parents' unspoken expectations, worries are self-fulfilling prophesies"

I remember being absolutely crippled with fear during the divorce that the decision will forever ruin my children's lives. Seriously, I'd feel like I couldn't even panic.

But with time, I found peace in learning to LET GO of things I can't control. Worry serves NO PURPOSE! None at all! We all do the best we can do, and that's all we can give.

I have a natural tendency to be a worry wart, so I have to be conscious of that. I'm glad that I came upon this realization though - it allows me to be less stressed, more present, and able to give more of myself in every situation.

So don't worry. Be happy. STAY GLAM ;)