Sock bun curls - using baby leggings!

Ok, so the world of Pinterest has been booming with pictures and how-to’s for the sock bun curls (some examples are here and here). I had some free time (read: was terribly ill and had to stay home) for the past couple of days, so I thought I’d try it out!

1. You know those baby leggings that you use on your kids, like this?

Well, that’s what I used! The instructions on the links required that you cut out the toe end of a sock, basically making it an elastic tube, and then rolling it up so that it looks like a scrunchie. Using a legging just means one less step. (I turned the legging inside out so that the cute print is visible, so that's why it's optional - doesn't make a difference to the outcome.)

2. I put my hair in a sock bun while it was damp, not wet. So towel-dry your hair or let it air-dry for about half an hour before you put it in a sock bun.

3. You could also use a curl-enhancing serum of some kind before you put it in a sock bun – this is what I did when I tried it a second time, and my curls lasted longer.

4. Leave the sock bun on overnight and wake up to effortless curls! To make sure the bun stays put while you toss and turn as you dream of going on vacation with Ryan Gosling (What? Of course that's not what I dream*awkward cough*), put a second rolled-up-legging around the bun.

I personally prefer the result after a couple of days. The curls were way too floofy right after (in my universe, that is indeed a word). I gave it a day and it settled down into more natural looking curls. I seriously love this method of curling hair now! So incredibly easy!