Soap & Glory...A girl's best friend [[my first post as star blogger for ShopShip!]]

At a meet-up with friends a couple of years ago, the hot topic was makeup. That’s where I learned about Soap & Glory, a fantastic UK brand which had unique items at affordable prices and (a point that makes it extra attractive) cute names for its products.

Case in point: The Sexy Mother Pucker. This was the product that my friend had shown me which got me hooked on Soap & Glory. Hilarious name aside, this product really works to moisturize and plump up lips. The tingly burning sensation may be too much for some, so those who are sensitive could start off with the regular-strength Mother Pucker glosses. But for those who can stand the heat, it’s the Sexy Mother Pucker XL for us! You can layer it under or over your regular lipstick, or wear it on its own for a Sexy natural sheen…

Or you could use it together with Marvelips! This lip pencil & highlighter pencil comes in a neutral rosy shade that is flattering for pretty much all skin tones. It’s really easy to use – just use the colored end to fill in your lips, and dab the highlighter end at the middle of your lower lips and on your cupid bows (trust me on this one – it’ll make your lips looks really pouty and sexy ;D).

Another product that I now can’t live without is the Arch De Triumph. I’m a stickler for well-groomed eyebrows (it keeps your look polished, dontcha know?), and this product is such an easy way to achieve a natural groomed look. Just used the subtle taupe-colored end to fill in your eyebrows and the highlighter end along the bottom of your eyebrow arch. Blend, blend, blend, and then thank me for letting you know about this awesome product. (You’re welcome)

Luscious lips and neat eyebrows can’t distract people from noticing one’s dark under-eye circles, though. That’s where Trick And Treatment comes in! This multi-purpose concealer (it’s a quick-fix cover-up AND long-term dark circle corrector!) is creamy, so it blends really well. Dot it under your eyes and blend  – you’ll see a difference immediately!

And last but not least, I want to talk about the magic of Hocus Focus (Ha! Geddit? Magic? Hocus Pocus? Hocus Fo… ok I’ll stop now). This product is touted as an “instant visual flaw-softening lotion”, and while it is that, it is also a great highlighter and makeup base! The way I use it is to mix it in with my BB cream or moisturizer for a natural, glowing, JLo-ish base. Then I add on those fantastic eyebrows, zap off those under-eye circles and pucker up my pout, and I’m all glammed up, Soap & Glory style!

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