Hey awesome French lady nursing on the LRT!

Dear gorgeous French lady sitting in front of me,

I LOVE YOU. Like, really. Your walking, talking, ADORABLE toddler asked for your milk, and you took your chic green scarf and covered up a little, and promptly latched her on.

You smiled at me as I (over)enthusiastically point toward my t-shirt that has a Tandem Nursing logo on it.

You ignored the giggling college-aged girls beside you.

You chit-chat with your husband, who is, by extension also awesome.

You are AWESOME and got me super-psyched as I am, coincidentally, on the way to the Nurse-In Protest at KLCC!

Thank you, for the bottom of my heart, for doing what you do.

Crazy lady grinning stupidly in front of you

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