Recovery + a music video!

Hi all! First of all, let me just say I am recovering really well :) The surgery went without a hitch (although I was apprehensive when The Band Perry's "If I Die Young" started playing right before I went under). Frankly, three days post-surgery, I can honestly say that taking my wisdom tooth out involved more pain during recovery. My biggest complaint thus far has been that I can't eat my favorite foods and I can't speak much (for some reason, my loved ones are rejoicing...gee, wonder why...). Don't worry though, I'm getting them back - my bad breath has to go somewhere, right??

Anyhoo, I received a wonderful surprise today courtesy of Adzim Shahabudin, the lovely director of that short film I was in. His band Disember has recorded a song - the original soundtrack for our movie Luluh, if you will - and used shots from the film for the music video :D I'm ashamed to say, however, that I have yet to watch Luluh in its entirety *blush* I haven't had time to pick it up ok! So that'll be on my to-do list once I'm fully recovered.

For now, enjoy the music video for Disember's "Meranduk"!