Hello again! Sorry I've been MIA...I've a good reason, I swear :)

I know it's been a long (looooooooong) while since I last updated this blog. I hope y'all can forgive me. My life has been through a few major changes since my last update, and I needed to take a breather from blogging to focus on life for a bit.

I'm now a single (still glam, though considerably more tired) mama. The divorce has been a blessing for us all, which was not something I expected really. What's most important is that everybody's focus has been on ensuring the kids happiness. A really important positive factor in all this is that there was minimal adjustment to their everyday life. Their father had been working overseas for about a year prior, so they were used to his absence. As a matter of fact, they now get to see him more often than they used to, so it has been a bittersweet event in all our lives.

Let this not appear to be my condoning of the dissolution of a marriage. I wouldn't wish it on anyone! But it was the right thing to do in our situation, and I am glad that we came to the decision together. All I can hope for is that we continue to put the kids first :)

I know many are curious to know what happened, but I don't think my blog is the right avenue to express it (and truly, how do you compress the breakdown of a marriage into a blog post???). That being said, I would gladly and openly speak about it if I were to meet you in person. After all, I think anyone who has read my blog would notice that I am not the type to share the intimate details of my daily life...in fact, this blog has been mostly about sharing experiences from the viewpoint of a mom, and I promise that won't change.

I guess what I am trying to say is:
a. I am well and happy, and by extension, I believe so are the kids
b. I look forward to blogging more often
c. I have missed you all so much!

Look forward to writing more soon. Till then, many thanks and blessings to all who have been there for me through this chaotic time in my life. I couldn't have survived it without you!