Babywearing Tutorial: Breastfeeding in a Back Carry (Pic-Heavy!)

As promised, here is a step-by-step tutorial on How To Breastfeed While Wearing Your Baby in A Back Carry! Or, put simply, just Breastfeeding in a Back Carry ;)

*** I am assuming that before attempting this, you are already comfortable with carrying your baby on your back with your chosen carrier. As with all babywearing techniques, make sure you practice in a safe environment, preferably in front of a mirror. Practice caution and common sense in executing this technique - if at anytime you or your baby feel uncomfortable, stop and try again another time.

1. Make sure you have a baby who really wants to be worn, and is hungry for nenen.

2. Get said baby in a back carry. I used the superman toss to get him on my back and pulled the pre-buckled SSC straps on like a backpack (thanks, Elly, for that video tutorial!).

3. Pull one of the carrier's straps off your shoulder like you would with a backpack strap. The strap that you pull off depends on which side you plan to nurse baby - if you're planning to latch baby on right breast, pull off right strap (like I did in this tutorial).

4. As soon as the strap is off your shoulder, grab hold of your baby's hand. This ensures that your baby is secure and won't fall off your back. It will also help with Step 5.

5. Pull your baby into a football hold, while simultaneously bouncing the carrier so that baby's bottom rests a little more on your hips.

6. Latch baby on! As with most techniques of breastfeeding while babywearing, I highly advice you wear a nursing top or any kind of attire that has nursing access from the top or empire line (under the bust - like the nursing top I am wearing here).

7. Take pics of your success!

8. When done nursing, adjust baby back into upright position.

9. Get baby back...on your back.

10. Take family pics until baby falls asleep milk-drunk on your back ;)

I hope that this tutorial is clear! Its my first time doing a picture tutorial, so I hope I got the message across :/ FYI, the carrier used in this tutorial is my generous friend, Sanaa's, Raspberry Ellipsen SSC. So gorgeous and comfy, I wish I could keep it forever!

If you try out this technique based on this tutorial, do let me know in the comments. And take pics! :D

Breastfeeding while Babywearing - in a Back Carry! Must See!

OK, so in my last post, I mentioned that I found something during my research for breastfeeding while babywearing, that is a true must-see. Well, HERE it is.

Basically it’s a tutorial on how to breastfeed while wearing your baby…in a back carry! I don’t know about you, but I never even considered the notion until I saw that site! And of course, always up to a new challenge, I immediately wanted to try it out. And here are a few pics as proof of my success:

Breastfeeding in a Back Carry - Mei Tai

Breastfeeding in a Back Carry - Liza's SSC, on loan to me :)

 Breastfeeding in a Back Carry - Sanaa's Raspberry Ellipsen SSC,
on TT with my Maruyama (this one is so gorgeous in IRL!)

My “review” of this technique:
  1. It was easier than I thought it would be. As with most babywearing techniques, it took me about two tries to get comfortable with it.
  2. It is not an entirely hands-free way of breastfeeding in a carrier. I had to use one hand to hold Afraz’ head, as he ended up in a football hold.
  3. This is not a very discreet way of nursing in public. With some more practice, I might be able to figure out a way to make it more discreet, I suppose. But every time I tried it, it looked really obvious that I was breastfeeding.
  4. The trickiest part was getting the carrier back on after I was done breastfeeding. I had to look for the strap again, put it back on, bounce a little to get Afraz situated properly. So that part needs a bit more practice.
My aim now is to be able to do this in all two-shoulder carriers (for one-shoulder carriers like pouches and ring slings, it is easy to get your baby from a back carry to a front carry to breastfeed). I’ve tried the mei tai and SSC, so next on the list are wraps :D

I will do a picture tutorial soon, once I can get someone to take pics of me doing it. Frankly, the only time I would nurse in a back carry is if I was alone at home, so I don't know how I'll go about doing that! Maybe if I got off my butt and looked for the camera remote...or someone volunteered to take pics for me...hehehe...

Babywearing at Fiesta Kajang

First of all, sorry for not blogging so long! The past few weeks have been all about work, work, kids, work, work, aaaand... work. So I didn’t have a lot to blog about!

However, last weekend, in a pleasant break from my routine, I had the privilege of giving a talk on behalf of Malaysian Babywearers in conjunction with the launch of World Breastfeeding Week at Fiesta Kajang. Thanks to SusuIbu for inviting us! Since it was for World Breastfeeding Week, I figured I would talk about Breastfeeding While Babywearing :D

As usual, I enjoyed educating people about the joys of babywearing. But this time it was extra special because I got to combine two things I’m passionate about – babywearing AND breastfeeding. I started off with a brief into about babywearing, and the benefits of breastfeeding while babywearing (more on that later). Then onto the fun part – the demonstrations of techniques for breastfeeding while babywearing, by the lovely babywearing mothers of Malaysian Babywearers!

Thanks to all the volunteers who were there! It was really really really hot, I sped through the talk so that the babies didn't get too cranky. The moms were such sports, though. They were all open to mock-breastfeed in their carriers onstage :) Speaking of breastfeeding while babywearing….during my research for the talk, I came across an interesting link. I will be blogging about that link soon, and believe me, you will want to know about it! ;D Till then, have a glamorous day!