Product Review: Wizzit Autotweezer

Note: I am NOT getting paid or anything for doing this review, I just wanted to share it with fellow glam mamas ;)

Now, all mamas love things that make their lives easier. We also do not have much time to spend on glamming ourselves up. So, in an effort to find time-saving beauty solutions for myself and other glam mamas, I've spent a small fortune bought a few things to try out and review. This will be the first of many reviews, I suspect, so keep checking in!

I've tried various depilating/hair removal tools and services. Shaving, hair removal creams, threading, waxing...I've tried them all, everywhere. I've found some solutions work for certain areas - for example, threading is my preferred method of eyebrow shaping - but I've yet to find something for all areas...that is easy-to-use, fast, discreet, and doesn't involve the hairs growing back the day after. I'll talk about the pros and cons of the different methods one of these days, but for today, I would like to talk about this product I bought recently that I just tried out :)

I bought the Wizzit AutoTweezer from Supermodel Secrets, a local blogshop selling beauty tools at affordable prices. All the stuff you've seen on TV infomercials, you can find there. Anyway, I've been curious about the Wizzit since I first saw the infomercial back in the States, which was like 4 years ago. I never thought about buying it though, till I saw it on SS and figured it was cheaper than getting waxed, and if it works, it would really be value for money.

I just received it today and was so excited that I tried it right away, without bothering to watch the instructional video, hehe! I put the batteries in - it uses 2 AAA batteries - and turned it on. It's not that loud, but not particularly quiet either. Definitely not something I'd use in public or near the kids when they are asleep.

I used it on my upper leg (I just shaved, so no hair from the knee-down) and on my arm. As far as pain goes, it really wasn't painful. You can feel it pulling (tweezing) the hairs out, but its so rapid that you feel just a teeny-weeny pinch.

It took me a while to figure out the best way of using it - Circular movements? Against the hair direction? Up and down along my leg? To be honest, I'm still not sure! Sometimes it plucked out the hairs easily, sometimes not so much. However, I did notice that it pulled out the hairs on my arms a lot easier than the hairs on my upper legs. I think that its because the hairs on my arm are thicker, whereas the hairs on my leg are a lot finer.

I'm looking forward to experimenting with it some more. I like that I can use it while watching TV and stuff, instead of either having to go somewhere to get the hair removed (waxing) or being stuck in the toilet the whole time (shaving, hair removal creams). I've always preferred tweezing, but for large areas like my legs, I just don't have the time to do it anymore!

Basically, I give the Wizzit AutoTweezer 4 stars ****. It did a good enough job but I need to learn how to use it more effectively. This is definitely something I will be using more often - it's painless, time-saving and allows for multi-tasking (I used it just now while breastfeeding and watching TV!).

Hope all you glam mamas found this review useful! Let me know what you think in the comments ;D

Update (Sept 5, 2013): I no longer use the Wizzit AutoTweezer. Instead, I decided to try laser and it works! Nowadays I just tweeze any errant hairs that the lasers didn't get ;) Be sure to check out my other product reviews while you're here! There will be more in the coming week, so be sure to check back. Also, please feel free to suggest (or send, haha) other products you'd like to see me review - if it's something I've been wanting to try (or have already tried), then I'd be happy to review it!

Of raising men, and not being able to wear them till they're 20, as much as I'd like to

After exams were over, I took the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with my boys. I used to take our time together for-granted back when I was a full-time SAHM. Now that I'm a WAHM/PTWM, I cherish our quality time together. Other hobbies like knitting and blogging have definitely taken a backseat! But I have big plans for this blog of mine ;) Watch this space!

We are leaving to visit DH in Indonesia next week. I am really looking forward to that! I've been very disciplined about shopping these past few weeks - only because I want to have enough funds for an Indonesian shopping spree, muahahaha! We will be in Jakarta and Bandung, so if you have any glam shopping destinations to recommend, please do so. It would be a huge plus if the place is kid- and stroller-friendly too.

Speaking of strollers, I fear that soon I shall be utilizing my double stroller more often (it has been collecting dust up until now). At only 15 months, Afraz is slowly getting too heavy for me to wear, and he is becoming a lot less interested in being carried in a sling (unless he wants to nurse). I suspect he would really enjoy riding side-by-side with his idol (his big bro) when we are out and about. But I just can't bear the thought of not babywearing anymore!

Wearing 1mo old Aqil

Wearing 1mo old Afraz

The thought has actually brought me to tears. I am as saddened by the thought of stopping active babywearing as I am of weaning my children off the breast. I am just so attached to the practice of babywearing and breastfeeding, and it has become such a huge part of my life (both personally and professionally). But I will have to embrace the fact that my babies are outgrowing these stages in their lives, slowly but surely.

I am comforting myself with this thought: As they get older, I will find more aspects of my children's lives to get involved in and be passionate about - (home?)schooling, athletics, hobbies, weddings, grandchildren, etc etc. So, I suppose I need to start preparing myself for what I used to think was impossible - I have to now focus on the fact that I am raising men, not babies! Here's to hoping that this blog will remain till I can change the title to "The Diaries of a Glam Grandma"! Haha!

Afraz' First Birthday Party!

This post is almost a month overdue. Forgive me!

Afraz’ birthday party was held on April 4, 2010, from 3pm-6pm at our place, with the theme “Under The Sea” (but no actual water play involved because I’ve had bad experiences with those kinda parties). Behold the e-vite that I designed for the occasion:

The birthday boy was dressed in a sailor onesie that day, and his big bro was looking macho in his beachwear.

We mostly invited family and close friends. Since my mother has 11 siblings and we have tons of nieces, nephew, grandnieces, grandnephews, and everyone brings their partners, spouses, and/or children, a “family affair” usually means a big hoo-ha with over 100 people. But we love it!

Food was provided by Fara Hana CM Enterprise (owned by my lovely cousin). You can find more info at her blog, LovelyFood. There are more pictures of the food on my hard drive but I'm having trouble uploading those pics to blogger >:( Whatever it is, I have to say, the food that day was absolutely delish!

The cupcakes and assorted cakes (we had one cake for Afraz and a few other cakes for fellow his birthday-mates) were baked by Loves Desserts (owned by my lovely Aunty Erin who also lives down the road from us). You can find more info at her blog, LovesDesserts.

This time around, it was my first time using a party planner. From my experience, its really exhausting to organize a birthday party – just sourcing the party favors can be a nightmare. And don’t get me started on the balloons! So we hired Mummy's Party Shop to do all the hard work for us. They also provided party activities for the kiddies – sand art and a balloonist. They are based in D’Bayu, Bukit Jelutong, and you can find more info about them here.

I think these pictures attest to the fun that was had that day, by kids and adults alike:

Thank you to all those who came, and we look forward to our next birthday party for more fun! (Gotta start thinking of a theme now).