Upcoming Babywearing Talks by me

I've posted this on the Malaysian Babywearers blog, but I thought I'd repost it here. If you're a mom, dad, or any kind of caregiver, and you are interested in babywearing, follow the Malaysian Babywearers blog!

 For your information, there will be two babywearing talks in the coming weeks, both by me. These informative talks will introduce you to the basics of babywearing: the benefits of babywearing, the types of carriers available and there will even be demonstrations on how to use the different carriers. Whether you are an expectant parent, a mom or dad curious about babywearing, or a even a babywearing veteran, your presence is more than welcome.

Introduction to Babywearing, Mom & Baby Expo 2010
Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010
Time: 11am
Duration: Half an hour
Event: Mom & Baby Expo 2010
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre,
3rd Floor,
Midvalley Megamall

Babywearing Talk, IBU Bazaar
Date: Sunday, May 9, 2010
Time: 1pm
Duration: Half an hour
Event: IBU Bazaar
2nd Floor,
Bangsar Village II

I'm shooting for the moon...

Remember how I mentioned that I have an exciting surprise that I was waiting to confirm to share with you all? And remember how I said I am “chasing a dream”? Well, that dream happens to be…acting. ;D

And with this news, I suppose I can officially say I am getting back into acting after a looooooong hiatus (I’ve been acting since I was a kid, on TV and on stage, but then I left for the States and got married and had kids…and well, I guess life got in the way for a bit there).

First of all, I got a part in an online mini-series! It’s a pretty cool concept, and I can’t say much about it yet, but once it’s done I’ll let you all in on the deets of course.

Secondly, I got a part in a short movie! The script is amazing, really thought-provoking and sad (please bring tissues if you wanna watch it). I was into it from the time I read the script for the casting, and I’m so psyched to be a part of it. As with the other projects, I’ll be more forthcoming with the details once we’re done or at least start shooting.

I am so excited! I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time now it seems. I miss it. Acting has always been a passion of mine, something I’ve always enjoyed doing, and one of the few things I think I’m kinda good at. My skills are a little rusty and it’s a lot harder to memorize my lines now than it was when I was younger, but the feeling of seeing my name on the call sheet and just holding a script, man it’s the best!

I have a few more things lined up, but since I haven’t even auditioned for them yet, I’m not even gonna think about them.

Here’s to mamas "shooting" for the moon and maybe landing among the "stars" (and going on set with breastpumps instead of an entourage!)

Glam mama is a glam busy bee these days

I’ve been a busy bee!

Firstly, I’m nowhere near done with my assignments, which are due this Saturday and next Saturday respectively. Also, I have exams in about three weeks which I am completely unprepared for. Being a student while being a WAHM (or should I say PTWM? Read on to know more…;p) is tough. But I have to keep focusing on my long-term goals. Ultimately my MBA is going to add value to my life and potential employment too…so I have to remember that I need to “put up with the rain to see the rainbow”.

Secondly, I can now be referred to as a Part-Time Working Mom! An aerosystems company offered be a job that I just couldn’t refuse – they need someone to do their Public Relations work part-time, and I was looking for a job that wouldn’t require me to work full-time. With this job, I go into the office one day a week (sometimes, like this week, I come in twice a week because of an event), and I do some work from home. Basically, this is my ideal job situation! I’ve been working there about a week now. So far it’s been a lot of fun – it’s something new for me, being in an office, but I do find it quite enjoyable. I’m pretty much by myself most of the day, so the peace and quiet is quite pleasing. That being said, my door goes directly to the factory floor, so I hear all the banging and buzzing and drilling, so it’s not really all that “quiet” per se!

The biggest challenge with being in an office is that I have to pump. I’m so bad at scheduling pumping sessions, and sometimes it gets so hectic here that I don’t have time to do it, and when I do find time to do it a few hours too late, I fill up entire bottles of milk! Luckily I’m only here once or twice a week. I know that it would really hurt my supply if I were to do that every day.

Speaking of milk, both my boys are still breastfeeding. Aqil is going to be 3 years old soon, and he breastfeeds once a day. Clearly it’s just for fun, although once in a while he enjoys the milk (this only happens when Afraz is latched on the other side…if it’s just Aqil, he fools around and doesn’t nurse long enough for the letdown). I don’t particularly mind – I’m breastfeeding anyway, so why not let him get a chance at the “best antibiotic in the world”?

 Our latest tandem nursing photo

As Afraz is getting older (13 months now), he is eating a lot more solids, and is breastfeeding a little less. He still nurses a lot, though. I am glad for this. I dare not imagine a day when one or both of my boys quit breastfeeding. Already I am faced with the fact that I may not be able to wear Afraz so often now that he is bigger and walking. It’s a bittersweet thing, seeing them grow up. On one hand it is gratifying to see them develop and knowing you helped shaped them, one the other hand I miss their baby selves, the memories of which are fresh in my mind as it was back then.

I’ve also been doing more PR work for Malaysian Babywearers, and in fact, I will be giving two talks on the weekend of May 8 and 9. I will share more info on that soon :) We have quite a few things planned for our organization, and I’m looking forward to working on that soon. Nothing like a passion project to really motivate you!

Apart from all this “proper” stuff I’m doing, I’ve also been…how shall I say…”chasing my dreams” a little bit. I dare not say anything more for fear of jinxing it, but believe me, I will announce it here once something happens! (I’m being so mysterious, huh? Hahahaha!).

So, yeah, I’ve been a very busy bee indeed ;) I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d rather be busy than bored!

I know its been a while...

...but I've been genuinely busy! As I've mentioned before, I have assignments due soon, and my exams are coming up, so any "free" time that I have is dedicated to that. And now, I've just received news that I have even less "free" time to blog - because I just got a job!

Fret not, my friends, as it is not a full-time job (so I will still be mostly a WAHM to my kids), but I do have to go the office once a week. I am looking forward to starting this new job! Its a Public Relations post, which is what I love to do, and the schedule fits perfectly with my lifestyle. I am so grateful to have this opportunity!

I have some other news to share, too, but I'll have to wait a week or so to confirm it. And just so you know, NO I am not pregnant again! (I swear, at least 3 people have asked me this when I say I have good news!).

P.S: I still need to blog about our Singapore trip and Afraz' birthday party!

My Nasi Lemak Kopi O appearance!

On Saturday night, the nerves had started to eat at me. To distract myself, I set about packing for our trip to Singapore, and preparing my outfit, shoes, slings, etc etc. After class, I had gotten my hair done at a salon (how often am I on live TV?? Might as well make sure my hurr looks good), so I was all set on that aspect. As I went about trying to stay busy (change the kids’ clothes, get them to bed, etc), my heart was pounding a mile a minute! I got online after the kids fell asleep, just because I couldn’t fall asleep. After some Facebook-ing and blog-hopping, I dragged myself to bed at 2.30am and forced myself to go to bed.

At 6am, my alarm went off. I woke up, eyes swollen, thinking “What the hell am I doing up so early??!”. After a couple of minutes of arguing with myself (and the alarm on my phone), I grumpily woke up to get ready. After a quick shower, I was more refreshed…but my nerves resumed their assault on my psyche. I started to do my makeup (just in case the makeup artist might be busy/unavailable). Luckily I had just seen this video tutorial – I had coincidentally chosen to wear a purple outfit for the interview, so it was a perfect match!
By 7am, I had woken up my mom to ask her to stay with the kids (who were still fast asleep), and went down for breakfast. Obviously, I was too nervous to eat at that point. I had a couple of bites of bread, had a couple of gulps of Milo, and decided that I needed to just get going already.

Luckily, traffic was non-existent, so we got there in no time! My dad drove me there because frankly, I was too anxious to drive. When we got there, we had quite a tough time looking for the studio…After asking around and making a couple of phone calls, we found it. And here’s a little trivia about the place: The studio was the same exact studio I used to work at when I was 12, co-hosting Cilik :D It was so surreal to be back there more than a dozen years later!

I went to the makeup room, but the makeup artist looked at me, dusted some loose powder on my face, looked at me some more, and said I was done. LOL. I guess I did a pretty good job at doing my own makeup *LOL* So I waited around in the green room before the show started. There I hung out with Shiera’s daughters and maid. Her baby daughter Auddra is sooooo cute!! Aggghhh the chubby cheeks, thighs…GERAM!!

Anyway once the show began, I watched in on the TV in the green room. At the first commercial break, one of the producers, Nurul, invited me into the studio. It was so much fun to be back in that environment again, with the lights and cameras and headphones…fun! I waited anxiously for my turn while chatting with Nurul. As my segment approached, I chatted with the host/my interviewer, Farrah. She’s so nice! Very gracious and sweet, and genuinely curious about babywearing :) Both hosts have 7-month-old babies, so they were very curious about what I was going to talk about.

The interview, well, let this video do the talking ;) Thank you, Hidayah, for recording and uploading it!

After the interview, the ones who had the most questions and were the most excited were the guys on the crew: “I can’t wait to get one of these for my wife!”. Hahaha! Too bad I couldn't stay longer. I had to leave before the show was over, because I had to catch a flight to Singapore.

I hope that Malaysian Babywearers gets more exposure like this in the future :D I’ve got a few more blog posts due (my Singapore trip, Afraz’ birthday party, etc etc), and I will try to get those done ASAP. After that I have to take a short hiatus from blogging due to looming exams and assignment deadlines!