Now, who could that be? ;)

I thought my next update would be Part 2 of my Hong Kong adventures, but first I bring you this piece of news:

That's me, modeling for Layla Thewalkincloset :D I've always been a fan of the way they shot their models (very Cosmo-cover like, right?), so I was really excited to do this. Plus, their collections are always really spunky, stylish and oh-so-glam. Love it!

When I arrived, I was pleased to find out that the store (which has outlets in Taipan USJ & Damansara Uptown as well as an online retail operation) is owned by new parents, Layla and Taufik. Not only that, but Layla is also a breastfeeding, full-time working mama! So I fully throw my support behind this enterprising couple.

To find out more, do visit their blog at, and their Facebook page.

P.S: Yes, I'm looking into doing more modeling & stuff so feel free to contact me if you wanna work with me ;)