My Little Fox

I have a really bad habit of creating beautiful things, taking photos of them...and never sharing them anywhere! A good example is this set of photos (and quick back story) I'm about to share.

Babywearing Review: Palmera - an Ankalia x Chekoh Collaboration

Fiber blend: 80% fine cotton, 20% Tencel
Size: 7 (Base +2)
Wearee: 9+months, around 9+kg
Carries tried: DH with multiple finishes, FWCC, FCC

Words cannot describe how excited I was when I was given the opportunity to try out Palmera. I love the palm leaves on everything right now - furniture, wallpaper, clothes - and I wanted so badly to have it on a wrap. Well guess what?

Babywearing Review: Ankalia Karem

Size: 4 (Base -1 for me)
Fiber Blend: 52% cotton, 48% Tencel
Carries Tried: DH TAS, DH w/ CCCB, FWCC TAS, Ruck CCCB, Shepherd's carry
Wearee: 8+ months, about 9kg.

Travel Victoria (With Kids!): Werribee Open Range Zoo Review

I've heard about this zoo for years now from Daniel, but for whatever reason, we just never made it there till this past weekend! Our Zoos Victoria membership is expiring very soon, and although we've visited the other two zoos enough times to more than make up the cost of membership, we thought it'd be a waste to not utilize our free entry into Werribee Open Range Zoo. So off we went!

Babywearing Review: Woven Wings Lace Prototype (Bourette Silk Blend)

Size: 6 (Base +1)
Fiber Blend: 42% Combed Cotton, 39% Egyptian Cotton, 19% Bourette Silk
Carries Tried: Kangaroo, Reinforced Kangaroo, FWCC, FCC, DH
Wearee: 7.5 months; 8+kg

5 Date Night Ideas For Parents (At Home!)

After being used to having big kids that I can send to family or friends whenever Dan and I wanted to go out on a date night, having Adam has really thrown us for a loop! I forget how anxiety-ridden and - let's be honest - damn near impossible it is to have a date night out, just the two of us, when there's a baby in the picture.

Babywearing Review: Ankalia Leaf Dance

Size: 5
Fiber Blend: 100% cotton
Carries Tried: FWCC, DH, FCC, Kangaroo, Ruck
Wearee: 7.5 months