5 Date Night Ideas For Parents (At Home!)

After being used to having big kids that I can send to family or friends whenever Dan and I wanted to go out on a date night, having Adam has really thrown us for a loop! I forget how anxiety-ridden and - let's be honest - damn near impossible it is to have a date night out, just the two of us, when there's a baby in the picture.

Babywearing Review: Ankalia Leaf Dance

Size: 5
Fiber Blend: 100% cotton
Carries Tried: FWCC, DH, FCC, Kangaroo, Ruck
Wearee: 7.5 months

Beauty Review: Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream (Krush, Unicorn, and Urban)

I first heard about Zhuco Cosmetics from my cousin, Aqalili of Curitan Aqalili (who - full disclosure - is a Zhuco Cosmetics distributor). What really got me interested was the fact that this company is based in Malaysia!

Babywearing Review: Ankalia Dendros

Size: 4 (Base -1 for me)
Fiber Blend: 59% fine cotton, 41% raw neps silk
Carries Tried: FWCC w/slipknot, FCC, Kangaroo, Poppin's, DH w/ CCCB, Ruck w/ CCCB
Wearee: 7 months

Weekly Roundup 003

This past week has been both hectic and fun. School has started again (yay!) but Adam's teething (not so yay). Thankfully, we decided to head to Brighton Beach on Saturday for a day of sun, ocean, and fun! I'm not one for beaches, but the older boys have been asking to go for weeks, and my parents wanted to go too, so off we went. Anyway, my mama managed to take this photo of Adam & I as we hung out under our nifty beach umbrella about 20mins before he had an almighty cry after we dipped his toes in the ocean. #badparents #sorrybaby

Still, I managed to find time this past week to catch up on my favorite blogs via the Feedly app, and here are some posts that I loved! There's something here for everyone, so keep reading!

My Maternity Photoshoot - Part 2

I shared a few of my favorite photos from my maternity photoshoot at Yan Yean Reservoir here in Melbourne in a previous post (click HERE to see it!). While I loved the fun, easy-going vibe of the previous set of photos, I must say that I loved the drama and darkness in this set!

Babywearing Review: Minako Ursus Polar

Size: 6
Fiber Content: 42% L.S. Egyptian cotton, 36% Japanese Tsumugi silk (space dyed) 16% mulberry silk, 6% baby camel
Carries Tried: DH, FCC, FWCC
Wearee: 6 months, roughly 9kg