Product Review: Nursing jewelry and teething rattle from Sootyfoot (and a DISCOUNT CODE!)

Now I don't know about you, but nursing my toddler involves a great amount of pinching, scratching, and all sorts of gymnastics. Although I've become adept at pretty much wrestling my child to make him stay put, the pinching and scratching (and reaching for my mouth, and poking his fingers in my nose, etc etc) is almost impossible for me to stop!

I'm big on nursing discipline, and I've tried almost everything with this child but OMG it's still happening! Fortunately, Sootyfoot heard of my dilemma and very thoughtfully sent over a few of their products to save my life help.

Babywearing Review: Wrapture Artisan Sunshine

Wrapture Artisan Sunshine
Size: 6 (Base +1) for me
Blend: 60 % Super Mercerized Cotton and 40% Bamboo
Carries Tried: FWCC, DH, and Genevieve's Back Cross Carry

DIY: Decorative Dinosaurs!

My kids are almost as knowledgeable as palaeontologists when it comes to prehistoric creatures, so when I was decorating our living room, I knew that I wanted to incorporate this shared interest of theirs. I entertained a few different ideas: dinosaur paintings or sketches on the wall, or maybe some dinosaur print toy baskets? But I couldn't find exactly what I had in mind. So then I knew I had to DIY.

Trend Watch: Minimalist Caption Tees

Summer is coming, which can only mean one thing: all my black/neutral sweaters get kept away and replaced by cotton t-shirts. It's usually a case of plain grey, white, and/or black tees on repeat. But this year, I'm embracing a really fun t-shirt trend that is just different enough for me to poke a toe out of my comfort zone: minimalist caption/graphic tees!

Babywearing Review: JumpSac Flux Carrier

When JumpSac announced that they were making a hybrid (convertible) carrier, I practically jumped (get it??) out of my seat! While I wish this newborn-to-toddler convertible carrier had existed when Adam was a newborn, I'm still glad I've had an opportunity to try it on him now as a toddler. And thanks to my trusty babywearing doll, I even got to try my Flux Carrier in newborn mode, haha.

Babywearing Review: Spellbound Weaving Magpie

Size: 2, around 3m STIH (Base -3)
Fiber blend: 100% Egyptian Cotton
Carries tried: Ruck CCCB, Shepherd's carry, DH with two rings

Knitted: Adam's Winter Coat

In all my years of knitting, I've never actually knitted a coat or sweater! I'm a big fan of quick knits (as opposed to long-term knitting projects), so garments just have never caught my attention. But baby garments are another story, right? So I decided to make this delicious little coat for little Adam!