Knitted: Matching Mum and Daughter Cowls!

I bought two balls of this Soho yarn by Fiddlesticks about a year ago, fully intending to use them to make something for my mother. It's the perfect shade of red for her - deeply saturated and almost maroon in some light. The sheen of the wool and acrylic blend makes for a luxurious look. And of course, being machine-washable makes it easy care!

Babywearing Review: Minako Gem Lemon Topaz

Minako Gem Lemon Topaz
Size: 6 (Base +1)
Blend: 67% Egyptian cotton, 33% Tsumugi silk
Carries Tried: FWCC, DH with multiple finishes, Ruck with multiple finishes

Babywearing Review: Wrapture Zen Laguna

Wrapture Zen Laguna
Size: 5
Fiber blend: Organic Cotton, Mercerized Cotton, Bamboo (exact percentages TBA)
Carries tried: FWCC, DH with multiple finishes, Ruck with multiple finishes

Adam's Birthday Play Suit

A while ago, I shared some photos from Adam's woodland-themed birthday party where I DIYed a few things. Well, this is yet another DIY - his special birthday play suit!

Babywearing Review: Oscha Rei Electric Dreams

Oscha Slings Rei Electric Dreams
Fiber Blend: 47% organic combed cotton, 32% pure bamboo, 21% cotton
Size: 8 (base +3)
Wearee: 10-12 months, ~8-10kg
Carries Tried: FWCC, DH with fancy finishes, Poppin's hip carry, Ruck with fancy finishes

A pink and black wrap that matches my blog's theme colours? Be still my heart!

Adam's Woodland Birthday Party

Now, apart from being a knitter, I'm not the craftiest person in the world. Which is why I was super proud of how Adam's DIY first birthday party turned out!

Babywearing Review: JumpSac Solace Merlot

JumpSac Solace Merlot
Fiber blend: 100% cotton
Size: 6 (base +1)
Wearee: 6mos-1 year, roughly 6-10kg
Carries tried: FWCC, FCC, DH, DH CCCB

This review has been in the works forever and a day, but I'm glad to finally share my thoughts on JumpSac's Solace Merlot.