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Babywearing Review: Liinalapsi-Wearababy Wompat (plus GIVEAWAY!)

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Babywearing Review: Liinalapsi-Wearababy Wompat - READ ON FOR GIVEAWAY INFO!

Fabric: Vanamo Kide Inari (45% cotton, 55% linen)
Size: Baby Size, to fit babies aged 0 to 18 months.

  • Body panel width - 38cm
  • Body panel height - 38cm
  • Waist strap - min. 70cm; max. 150cm
  • Shoulder straps - min. 52cm; max. 122cm

The Wompat carrier by Liinalapsi-Wearababy needs no introduction. But I'll introduce them anyway. Liinalapsi-Wearababy is based in Finland, and in fact I have already reviewed one of their products before (read that review HERE). The Wompat is a soft-structured carrier (also knowns as SSC or full-buckle carrier) coveted by many of my babywearer friends not only due to its aesthetically pleasing designs, but also the fact that you can custom-make your own Wompat using your own fabrics! That being said, do take a look at their amazing in-stock designs first, because there are some incredible options there.

My Maternity Photoshoot - Part 1

When I first got pregnant, I knew immediately that I would want to get birth photos done. And, of course, I needed to get newborn and family photos done after that! But I genuinely didn't consider getting maternity shots done. I was so uncomfortable in my skin, and unbearably self-conscious about my size and shape during this pregnancy, as I was the biggest I'd ever been in my life, and definitely the largest I'd ever been between my three pregnancies.

Babywearing Review: Woven Wings Geo - The Bird Linens (Heron, Storge, and Magpie)

Sizes: Heron 6, Storge 6, Magpie 3
Fiber Content: 21% linen, 79% Egyptian cotton
Carries Tried: FWCC for Heron and Storge; ruck CCB, short FCC with rings, Poppin's and HJBC for Magpie.
Wearee: Around 5kg and 2 months old in Heron and Storge; around 7kg and 5 months old in Magpie